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123D Design

Want to be ahead of the curve on 3D printing and personal fabrication? Design the things you imagine, and then make them real!

Let the creativity flow from your fingertips with Autodesk 123D Design, where you can use natural interactions and editing tools to create a 3D model. You can then 3D print your model at your home, school shop or preferred fabrication service.

Here’s how it works:
• Get started quickly with one of the basic shapes provided. In just a few clicks you will see your ideas start to take shape.
• Do you have a mesh or solid coming from any application? You can insert several formats of solids and meshes into 123D Design in order not to start from scratch.
• 123D Design automatically creates the most natural connection between parts. When moved, objects will align and snap to connection points such as corners, midpoints or center of faces.

MacBook Pro

• Save your designs to your desktop or save them to My Projects, so you can access them from the 123D website, other apps that read content from My Projects (like 123D Make and Meshmixer) or via mobile from 123D Design iOS.

Mountain Lion

• 123D Design also adopted several interactions from Tinkercad, making the transition between both much easier.
• Ready to 3D print? Converting your models from digital to physical is just a few clicks away.

Still not impressed? Here’s some more cool stuff:
• If you are more comfortable designing on a flat piece of paper, then start with a sketch, create an SVG file and import it into 123D Design.
• Preview what your project will look like when it’s made by adding realistic materials like plastic, ceramic, wood and metal.
• Check out projects from other 123D users, right in the app.
• If you also work with other 123D apps like 123D Catch or 123D Make, you can open these models directly into 123D Design via My Projects (under your account). No need to think about export formats!
• Got a mesh exported from a mechanical design application? Try Convert to Solid, so you can fillet, chamfer and do all the 3D solid modeling operations you love.

•Resize objects by dragging the controls or typing new sizes with the new Smart Scale.
•Easily align objects with the new Align tool.
•Convert meshes into solids, and optimize planar faces and cylindrical surfaces.
•Edit dimensions and distances directly in the ruler.
•Modify grid size.
•Export 3D formats added: X3D, VRML.


•Export 2D format added: SVG.
•DWG and SAT exports now available to all users.
•Download unlimited Premium models for all users.
•Parts Bin now also works offline.
•Configure Proxy option for users that had issues with working behind firewalls.
•New primitives: Wedge, Prism, Hemisphere and Pyramid.
•Improved performance while showing and hiding meshes and solids.
•New notification when updates are available.
•Reorganization of Toolbar and App Menu.
•New hotkeys.

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•New detailed Help document.
•Minor bug fixes.

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