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1Writer – Note taking, writing app

1Writer combines all the basic text editing features you would expect with all the advanced features you will ever need. Use 1Writer to write, research, revise, and share your ideas with maximum efficiency.

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"The only Dropbox- and Markdown-enabled text editor for iPhone that’s clicked with me has been 1Writer. It’s simple, looks great, and gets the job done." – TheSweetSetup.com

"Really great app, really recommend it." – Federico Viticci, MacStories.net

"The app interface is beautiful and distraction-free, with loads of other awesome features lurking beneath its simple exterior. It’s now my go-to iPhone text editor." – Chris Gonzales, ToolsandToys.net

"For users that want a great visual experience paired with great support for custom actions and third party apps, 1Writer is an excellent choice." – iMore.com

"1Writer is the most powerful text editor available for iPhone." – Phillip Gruneich

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– Write :: generate and edit plain text or Markdown files.
– Preview :: see the formatted results with Markdown syntax highlighting while you write and a full, rich-text preview when you’re done.
– Extended keyboard :: a convenient row of buttons for navigation, formatting, special characters (customizable–pick the characters you use the most).

iPhone 6s Plus

– Insert photo :: pick a photo or take a new one, and 1Writer will upload it to Dropbox and generate the Markdown-syntax to add it to your document–all in a single action!
– Snippets :: TextExpander Touch support.
– Custom URL actions :: insert a document template, encode a selection and replace the original text, look up synonyms and much more*.
– JavaScript :: create even more powerful custom actions using JavaScript—text manipulation, perform a find & replace, interact with the clipboard—the possibilities are endless.

– iCloud Drive support.
– Sync your existing Dropbox folders and documents.
– Share extension :: send text to 1Writer from other apps. In Safari, the extension uses the current URL, page title, and selected text to create a new document.
– Create, append, prepend, or replace text directly from other apps using the 1Writer URL scheme.

– CloudApp, Droplr and Dropbox :: generate a link to share your document in plain text or PDF.
– Evernote :: pick your notebook, add tags and turn a text selection or the entire document into a new, rich-text note.
– Copy HTML :: put the formatted text for your document directly on the clipboard.
– Custom URL actions :: open a web search, tweet a selection, save a series of items in a list or Reminders app and much more*.


sudan news

– A dark theme for more comfortable reading and writing at night.
– Choose from 17 different fonts.


– Bookmark and sync the Dropbox folders you want to have quick access to the sub-folders and documents you need.
– Use a passcode or Touch ID to protect the app from unauthorized users.

– In-app web browser :: research, look up information without having to leave the app.
– Bookmarks :: create and access your favorite websites.

iPhone 6

– Save the current text selection to the clipboard in Markdown syntax.
– 1Password support :: login to all your accounts using the 1Password extension.

– Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
– Today widget :: access your recent documents from the Notification Center, or create a new document in one tap.
– Checklist support :: create a list of things to do or topics to research, and easily check them off in preview mode.
– Search and hashtag support :: search within a folder to find the document you need, and view related documents that have the same hashtag.

* Compatible third-party apps include: Drafts, TextTool, Terminology, Day One, Editorial, Phraseology, Byword, Tumblr, 1Password, Chrome, Gmail, Launch Center Pro, Tweetbot, Riposte, Buffer, Missives, Dispatch, Due, Fantastical 2, 2 Days, TaskAgent 3, Clear, Silo, Begin, OmniFocus, Things, and many more.

Various bug fixes and improvements.

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