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2RedBeans 两颗红豆

2RedBeans.com is the biggest, and most active Chinese dating site overseas. Many couples connect, fall in love, and form families everyday from 2RedBeans.


两颗红豆网是江苏卫视 2012《非诚勿扰》美国专场的唯一指定交友网站, 东方卫视 2014《百里挑一》美国专场的唯一指定网上报名点。


2RedBeans has great features as follows:

• Browse millions of overseas Chinese’s profiles for free
• Wink and start conversations for free
• Daily recommendation of quality singles for free
• Participate in our local singles’ events


• Specify search conditions and find people who match you


• Unlimited messages to communicate with anyone

• 免费搜索、浏览上百万海外华人
• 免费与单身异性抛媚眼和搭讪

iPhone 6

• 免费每日推荐优质单身异性
• 参加我们丰富的线下活动,帮你找到合适的另一半

iPhone 7 Plus

• 个性化精确搜索,帮助你找到最适合你的人
• 与任何喜欢的人自由聊天

KEEP UP ON 2RedBeans:

Visit our website : http://www.2redbeans.com
and follow us via Facebook facebook.com/2redbeans for tips and tricks and other helpful information.

访问我们的网站: 2redbeans.com
我们的微博: @两颗红豆网
我们的微信: Official2RedBeans

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected]

如果你有任何问题或者反馈,请联系我们: [email protected]

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