3 In 1 Monitor – Total System Control | Best Apps and Games 19 August,2018

3 In 1 Monitor – Total System Control

When something goes wrong with your Mac, it is essential to know the roots of the problem. That is why we created 3 In 1 Monitor, the ultimate guide on the system you use.

The app shows real time stats on such indicative elements as CPU load distribution, RAM and overall system usage stats – all neatly organized in graphs and diagrams. Check the info and find out why your Mac got suspiciously slow, what’s taking up the lion’s share of RAM and so much more.

3 In 1 Monitor provides you with:


– Diagram of RAM in use: Free, Active, Inactive, Wired

MacBook Pro

– General info on: PC work load, Internet connection, battery


CPU work load graph for each core


– Top 5 memory-consuming processes

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