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4th Office – Email app for Gmail & Outlook

4th Office is a secure email desktop app that upgrades your Gmail or Outlook inbox. It reorganizes your email around the people, tasks and teams that matter to you – so you can work smart, drive productivity, and supercharge collaboration.

We understand that managing email can feel like hard work, but imagine a world where you love email…where email works hard for you, where you only have to focus on the good stuff, where you never miss important messages and where collaboration feels easier than ever. That’s the world of 4th Office.

Fully protected – your original email account will remain intact and your email will always be secure.  

Here’s how 4th Office desktop app makes your inbox amazing:

Connect with people & avoid clutter

–    Organize your day around the people and teams that matter
–    Enjoy inbox zero with automatic muting of less important mail
–    Select a contact to access all their stuff in one place – that’s emails, chat & attachments on a single screen
–     Easily switch between multiple email accounts

Get stuff done

–    See a summary of your important email & your calendar on a single screen

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Mac Pro

– Easily access and chat with your top people
–    Flag important emails and set specific times to review,  so you’re always focused and never miss a thing
–    Create lists and batch emails by category

Collaborate with teams

–    Collaborate with teams from inside your inbox (eliminating the need for additional collaboration tools)
–   Use Team Chat for super fast communication

Steve Jobs

–   Invite and remove new team members with ease

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