5 Min Journal | Best Apps and Games 11 January,2019

5 Min Journal

The Five Minute Journal is the simplest, most effective way to be happier in 5 minutes a day. Built on proven principles of positive psychology and backed by scientists and real-world results, you’ll find the app beautifully designed and intuitive to use.

Adapted from the physical version of the Journal, you’ll find the same great format in the app.

Here’s what the app includes:

– A proven format for morning and evening Journal entries
– Daily inspirational quotes and weekly challenges
– Photos: Capture best moment of the day in pictures
– Reminders for morning and night Journal entries.
– Passcode for security


– Ability to remove questions

Ever wanted to stick to writing a Journal but life and excuses got in the way? You’ll find the Five Minute Journal to be effective in sticking to a simple yet effective.

BIG UPDATE! This update will make you even happier! We fixed the bugs and added features that you wanted!


– You can now create entries for previous days by going to the app calendar.
– You can delete photos by tapping on the photo from the timeline and editing the post.

iPhone 6s Plus

– New and improved Inspiration tab UI

iOS 9

– Many other updates

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