50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game | Best Apps and Games 11 October,2018

50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game

**Over 1 Million Downloads and counting!!**

50 50 is a simple game…

all you have to do is split a shape in half and get 2 50% shapes.

Sound pretty easy right??

Well you’d be surprised – especially when the shapes are the outlines of countries or sports equipment or tools or food or ink blots or…

you get the idea!!

Now with the addition of spin mode and pulse mode PLUS Arcade and Endurance! Have you got the speed and accuracy to succeed??


"The PERFECT pick up and play game!!"

"So addictive – my girlfriend is not happy haha!"

Top Charting Game in the UK, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, New Zealand and loads more! Thanks for all your help so far – we’re determined to make the game better and better!!

Music from Ben Sound

New London Level Pack.


Chance to Revive on Endurance Mode and continue your go!

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