5,000 Words Per Hour | Best Apps and Games 20 January,2019

5,000 Words Per Hour

The fastest way to succeed as an author is to write more books. How do you do that with a day job, family, school or all your other time commitments? The secret is efficiency.

5KWPH app will help you maximize your writing time by building effective habits that both measure and increase your writing speed.

– Track and improve your Words Per Hour by running writing sprints
– Motivate yourself to write with achievements when you hit milestones


– Track projects to know exactly how far you are, how long you’ve written, and how far you have to go

It’s time to shift your writing into high gear!

– Fixed bug preventing purchases from being restored

iPhone 6s

– Added pausing. Tap the pause button (was cancel) to pause / resume sprints

iPhone 7

– Fixed a whole bunch of little bugs

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iPhone 6 Plus