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A Sexulator – Sex Calculator & Calendar Tracker


*** This app has a discrete icon (a generic pad of paper) and can be PASSWORD PROTECTED for privacy. The text under the icon will only say ‘A.S.’

DISCLAIMER: This app is not intended to prevent pregnancy or STD’s, and should not be used as a calendar birth control method. The only way to be sure to prevent pregnancy and STD’s is abstinence.

SEXULATOR lets you keep track of your sexual activity, and get calculations on it! Including both real calculations/averages and you’ll also receive a sex status level, based on your amount of activity. We’re not giving away what all the sex status levels are… you’ll have to see!

There are many benefits to the Sexulator, including but not limited to:

* Helping couples to have a more active sex life. Using the calendar to input your ‘events’ will make you want to input more to increase your averages, which will make you and your partner become more fulfilled.

* Dating someone? Maybe this one will be "the one!" How cool would that be to look back at your intimacy history with your partner… having a fun record of when your first kiss was, and more! Input any personal notes you want on any ‘event’ you put on your calendar! Like maybe details on where you first had sex and much more!

* Just married? What a great way to keep track of your sex life!

* Do you argue with your partner about how often you have sex? Well, keep track of it and use the calculator to get your own personalized averages of how often you really do have sex. Keep track and show your partner!

* Females – if you become pregnant you will know all your sex dates to tell your doctor and more accurately predict date of conception and due date.

* Men, if you have a female partner and she becomes pregnant and you for any reason doubt that it was you that got her pregnant, you’ll at least know all the dates you had sex with her because you will have kept track of it on your Sexulator.

* Entertainment – for entertainment purposes, compare your sex life with your friends! You can also keep personal notes about any event you’d like to remember fun and juicy details of your sexual events. If you want, you can rate your partners in your personal notes!


CALENDAR – Use the provided icons to input events on calendar days. You can also input any notes you want for any given day. The app will also allow you to input more than one of the same event for any given day. Have sex twice or more than that in one day, you can input it as that.


Heart – Sex
Lips – Kissing/Making Out

iOS 8

"O" – Oral Sex
"M" – Multiple (meaning more than one partner at the same time)


Use the Sexulator to calculate averages of your events. There are many options within the calculator for you to choose the period of time you would like calculate your event averages.


There is another part to our Sexulator. Strictly for fun, smart ass entertainment purposes, we have come up with various levels to name your sexual activity level! As your averages change based on the amount of events you enter on your calendar, see your sex level change! This really is a lot of fun and our early testers raved about this fun added feature!

All updates will be FREE.

No internet required.

We welcome any fun suggestions you may have for future updates. You can email:

iPhone 7

iPad Pro

[email protected] and if you have a suggestion for the name of a level you think would be great to use for the Sexulator, email us. If there are ever any support/technical issues, be sure that we will be on top of it, and again, we welcome any suggestions.

This app is already said by early users to be one of their favorite apps, and many believe this is one of the coolest apps to hit the app store! Not only is this app useful and practical, it’s fun!

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