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AcaStat simplifies the analysis of data with an interface and operations that will be familiar to anyone who has conducted analyses in school or at work. Import and export delimited data files. Save system data files that include variable formatting and recodes. Enter or paste data from a spreadsheet for analysis. Copy and paste data into other software. AcaStat produces frequencies tables, crosstabulations, descriptive statistics, correlation, multiple regression, logistic regression, and related significance tests.

Includes the features listed below.


iMac '27

> Paste data or drag delimited text files into spreadsheet
> Import and export delimited data files
> Filter observations and use control variables
> Format variable and value labels, set missing values
> Compute, combine, and recode variables
> Print and save analysis results

Steve Jobs

> Create column, pie, and line charts


charlotte cardin

> Frequencies
> Descriptives
> t-tests and ANOVA

Mountain Lion

> Chi-square and association measures
> Correlation, OLS and Logistic regression
> Random sampling
> Diagnostic Accuracy
> Real Estate Tax Assessment

Minor bug fixes plus the following:

The data merge procedure was redesigned so that merges match variable names and add records regardless of the order of variables in a data file.

Added a new data merge procedure to support adding variables from a second data file with matching record identifiers.

Added a locked ID column that can be set to any record-identifying variable in the data file. This simplifies verifying data for individual records in data files with many variables by displaying a copy of the identifier variable to the left of the data.

Added General Social Survey (GSS) 2014 data that was released recently by NORC and updated the cummulative data file for GSS 2008 to GSS 2014.

Changed the paste operation in the data format module so that the paste button is not disabled after pasting formatting into one variable.

Corrected an overflow error for the chi-square p-value when extreme chi-square statistics are generated.

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