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Access Conference 2015

Access Conference is an amazing new app, aimed at offering a truly interactive environment for key conferences, important trade fairs and exhibitions, vital business meetings and other major social events. It is a cloud-based managed service where delegates or attendees are in instant and constant contact with organisers or other participants.

The Access Conference App allows users to make sure key content can be constantly updated, schedule or location changes quickly advised, and key event information instantly disseminated – both prior to, and during, any event.

This helps organisers to skilfully manage even the largest occasion, ensuring the necessary level of control which allows for smooth and professional delivery. At the same time, delegates have the opportunity to gain valuable social interaction with guest speakers, event managers, as well as other guests or attendees. This increases their sense of participation and inclusiveness, adding great value to their attendance, and worth to the event. The professional way in which the event is seamlessly managed also reflects well on those organising it.


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* Instant Messenger
* Live Agenda
* Ask the Speaker
* Interactive Voting


* Live Translation
* Contact Exchange
* Speaker Biographies
* Sponsor Pages
* Exhibitor Pages
* RSVP for Optional Events
* Attendance Register
* File Library to share presentations and other documents
* Photo Share
* Surveys
* Interactive Venue Map

iOS 9

* So much more!

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