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Account Tracker Pro

Apple "Staff Favourite" in the UK, Jul/Aug 2010

Account Tracker is a powerful personal finance app that helps you track spending and monitor balances across multiple accounts. Its clean, intuitive user interface, and features such as alerts, bill reminders, budgets, reports and full multi-currency support, make it easy to take control of your finances.

This PRO version includes a number of enhancements over the basic version of Account Tracker, including support for the Apple Watch, 3D Touch, AirDrop and database syncing over either iCloud or Dropbox.

Also check out ATB Viewer, a companion Mac app available on the Mac App Store. It lets you view your iOS backup files and data on the bigger screen of your Mac.

– Track multiple accounts: checking, current, savings, credit cards, loans/mortgages … etc
– Separate your accounts into groups, e.g. personal vs business accounts
– Enter your recurring transactions using calendar-based repeat intervals, e.g. every 2 weeks, the last Friday of every month … etc
– Quickly and simply enter one-off transactions as they happen (now even quicker with 3D Touch!)
– Reconcile your account data with your statements
– While it is useful to see where your money goes, you can also look FORWARDS, showing all of your future commitments
– Alerts if an account is likely to go overdrawn or hit its overdraft limit

– Enable reminders for non-automatic transactions, e.g. bills that you have to pay manually
– View all transactions with reminders set

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iPad Air 3

– Alerts to tell you when these transactions are due


iPhone 6 Plus

– Add budgets per category for spending, income and transfers across individual or multiple accounts
– View these as daily, weekly, fortnightly/biweekly, monthly, yearly or custom dates
– Monitor your transactions against the goals you set



– Detailed reports to really understand your financial position
– Account balance over time, cash flow, spending by category or payee detail, income by category or payer and transfers by category
– View these as daily, weekly, fortnightly/biweekly, monthly, yearly or custom dates
– Export or print reports as PDF files

– Import historical transactions or bank statements from a CSV file
– Export account statements, budgets and reports in CSV format for offline processing, e.g. in a spreadsheet
– Local backup and restore on your device, plus transfer of backups by email, AirDrop, iTunes file sharing, Dropbox and iCloud
– Support for database syncing across multiple devices (using either iCloud or Dropbox)
PIN code protection, plus Touch ID and 1Password integration

– Full multi-currency support, per account and per transaction
– The default currency is the one local to your device, but this can be overridden
– Supports sub-categories and splitting a transaction across multiple categories/subcategories
– Limited support for stock valuations – see support pages for full details
– Universal, Retina enabled app that works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – buy once, use it on ALL of your devices
– Also supports the Apple Watch, to display account balances and a snapshot of your main budgets
– In-app user guide

Please don’t leave support requests on iTunes as these are anonymous and I have no way of contacting you if I have questions. Instead there is a link to my support page from iTunes and from the app itself (or simply go to

Alternatively, contact me directly via my support pages and you will get a quick response (often in minutes).

If you like my app, please consider leaving a quick review on iTunes. There is a convenient link to do this at the bottom of the settings screen. Thank you!

Bug fixes, including the AirDrop export issue (iPad, iOS 8+ only) and the touch and hold issue on the account screen.

The watch version will now honour your hidden account settings.

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