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Ace Slot Machine Casino

Welcome to the newest version of the smash hit iOS game “Ace Slots Casino!” An entire Slot Machine Casino right on your desktop! Why travel to casinos when Ace Slot Machine Casino gives you all the excitement and thrill you would expect from Las Vegas, right in front of your computer!

We’ve delivered the most authentic casino experience available on the App Store! From the magical sound of coins dropping into the prize tray to the bonus mini games that add so much excitement and fun. We’ve got it all in Ace Slot Machine Casino!

Ace Slot Machine Casino comes with 20 different slot machines!

•20 Different Slot Machines!
•Bonus games to maximize your winnings!

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•Immersive sound and graphics!
•Scatter sets reward free spins!


•Get free money every minute while you play!
•Get free money while you’re not even playing the game! ($500 TinyBucks / 24 hours)
•Don’t want to wait for more money to accrue? Use our In-App Store to buy more TinyBucks!
•Ultra-Authentic casino feel!
•Leveling system!

•Tons of Machines!!! (20 total)
•User interface improvements
•User experience improvements including faster spinning reels
•Conforms to new code signing paradigm


•bug fixes

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