Add2Cart HVAC Sales Tool – Universal | Best Apps and Games 24 March,2019

Add2Cart HVAC Sales Tool – Universal

Add2Cart-Universal will allow you to sell any brand of HVAC Residential Replacement Systems.


iPad Air 4


Add2Cart is the first HVAC sales iPad app that offers Direct Customer Interactivity during the sales presentation. Guided by the Comfort Advisor, Customers answer six questions about their requirements, then select their new home comfort system without the high pressure tactics of a typical sales call. The Customer can add equipment selections to the shopping cart while the Comfort Advisor makes recommendations to upgrade them to higher ticket purchases.
Add2Cart eliminates the “Moment of Truth” most salesmen encounter when they slide their price across the kitchen table. Does not require an internet subscription to use.
It will revolutionize the way you sell HVAC to your customers. Please view the Support page on for important installation and setup guides.

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