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AdMop is a premium content blocker for your iPhone & iPad. It removes ads from Safari and makes your browser load faster.

No ads, no privacy invading trackers. AdMop integrates with Safari and leads to faster browsing, less data usage and better battery life.

With AdMop pages load 4x faster and data usage is reduced by 50%.

AdMop has language specific content blockers targeting chinese, arabic and german ad networks.

AdMop has a few thousand rules available and it can over-the-air update them. If there is a website with ads you would like to block, you can report it to us. We will look at it and update the rules for you.

Get AdMop while it is free!

To use AdMop you must turn it on in Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers.

Admop – Surf without ads

– Ads Blocker

new amsterdam

It blocks and removes most visual Ads from Safari. If we missed any, you can always report it to us: We will update the block rules for you.

– Tracking Blocker

iPhone 6s

We have over 2000 rules ready for blocking services that track you… And make sure that you can browse the web like it is suposed to be done: anonymously.

– Social Media Blocker

iPhone 7

Keep those websites from showing you sharing widgets for every social network.

When downloading newest rules form the release backend, we were not applying them properly, which made any effort on our side to update them utterly pointless. We found the bug, and fixed at ultrasonic speed. We apologize for that.

The previous rules where blocking anything that ends with, which unfortunately includes some very popular websites. Error reverted! And since we can now update the rules, this should not happen again.

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