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Advent App

Advent App lets you create and receive personalized and fun Christmas Calendars directly on your iPhone. Include the songs and videos you love, the pics that make you smile and the quotes and gifs that light up your day to make an unforgettable and beautiful Advent Calendar for the people you care about. Give them a little surprise every day of the holiday season!

Giving presents is supposed to be fun, not stress. That’s why Advent App gives you the great opportunity to update your calendar at any time. You can wait until the 23rd of December to finish what’s behind the little door on the 24th. It is therefore not necessary to finish your calendar before the 1st of December.

What you should know:


* Advent App runs on iOS 7 and iOS 8 and iOS 9. So please make sure the person who is supposed to receive your calendar uses a smartphone or tablet compatible with these operating systems.
* When giving away the calendar you inform the respective persons via email. In order to view your calendar people have to download Advent App.
* Viewing and creating calendars is cost free. If you want to submit a calendar to your friends we charge the small fee of 0,99$ for each calendar. Get one calender and give it away as often as you like
* On Facebook we supply various beautiful ideas for your creative Advent Calendar. Just check it out. You will also find some nice surprises there!

We hope you enjoy Advent App and all its holiday cheer!

Your Advent App Team

– Added a creative section in order to give you ideas

iPhone 6 Plus


– Fixed small bugs

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