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AeroW&B is an extremely versatile weight and balance calculator designed for general aviation use. It features both a tabular output, and a graphic weight and balance representation. The app allows you to create as many aircraft types as you need. There are no ‘in app’ purchases to ‘hopefully’ get the aircraft type you are flying. You can create the aircraft types yourself, or if having problems email me your aircraft info and I can do it for you. Once you have created an aircraft type, you can create as many aircraft of that type as you want. It is perfect for both the student at a flight school that may have a number of 172′s, 150′s etc, or for the renter.

Need a quick gouge on whether or not a longer flight is doable, and how many people you could bring. AeroW&B features a ‘Fuel Estimate’ utility go do the Distance-Rate-Time calculations for you.

You can email and print your weight and balance calculations. You can also email your aircraft data for other AeroW&B users for their use.

iOS8 Support

iPad Air 3

Support for the Metric system

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Configurable fuel types
Create sample data

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