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Agado is different to other organiser apps.

When you’re talking to a key contact, Agado can instantly pull up all the tasks, documents, notes and events that relate to that person. With Agado, you have quick access to the vital information that underpins your projects and networks.

When you have to get things done, don’t just do it. Agado it.


LINKING: Agado enables you to link your tasks, documents, notes and events to the key contacts that underpin your business.

FILE MANAGEMENT: Agado is a great filing system for your key documents and files. All these documents are filed locally on your iPad so you can instantly pull them up whenever you need them (with Agado you can be mid-flight with no Internet and still have access to your key files).

CONTACTS: Agado gives you a full overview of the contacts that are critical to your business. When an important contact calls you, every note, task, document, email and meeting that’s relevant to that person can instantly be pulled up and referred to in your conversation.

CREATE MEETING REPORTS: When you’re in a meeting, you can link the meeting attendees and key action items to your meeting notes. You can then email these meeting notes, tasks and attachments to the people who attended the meeting.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Agado is a great for Project Management. It allows you to create Project folders and limitless sub-Projects. If you have a lot of projects on the go, it’s a seriously useful tool.

TAG MANAGEMENT: Agado also allows you to create Tag folders (and limitless sub-Tags). You can link these Tags to all your notes, tasks, documents, photos and calendar events. Want to access all your meeting notes? Just tag them as MEETING NOTES. You can choose any tag name that you want.

IOS SYNCING: Agado syncs with your IOS calendar, tasks and contacts. When you create a task with Siri on your iPhone or Apple Watch, it automatically syncs via the iCloud with your iPad and Agado.

MANAGE YOUR JOURNAL: Agado’s journal allows you to track all your key notes, tasks and files on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s a great way to review and monitor your business activities and the commitments that you have made to your key contacts.

IMPORTING EMAILS INTO AGADO: With Agado, you can create a unique gMail email address which allows you to email key files and emails directly into the app from a wide variety of phones, tablets and computers.

SAVE WEB PAGES INTO AGADO: Agado has a built-in web browser that enables you to import web pages directly into the app. It’s a great research tool. The 450 page ‘Energy Cut’ book was written by Jon Dee using Agado as his main research tool (this book will cut your energy bills – download it for free from

NEVER LOSE YOUR DATA: With iCloud, you can constantly back up the Agado app to the iCloud. That way, if you lose your iPad or someone steals it, just buy a new iPad, login with your iCloud details and it will automatically import the files and notes that you had in your previous version of Agado.

GROUP YOUR CONTACTS: With Agado you can ‘Group’ your contacts together. You can link someone to the company they work for or you can link them to the type of work that they do. If you want locate a camera crew, just tag these contacts with CAMERA CREW in the Group part of the Contacts section.

MONITOR YOUR KEY CONTACTS AND NETWORKS: We think that Agado is the best app on the iPad for monitoring the people and companies who are important to your business. Why not give it a go?

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