Agile Scrum Buddy | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2019

Agile Scrum Buddy

Want to make sure your Daily Scrums stay on track?

iOS 9

Members of staff talking for too long?

Agile Scrum Buddy allows you to time the Daily Scrum and will fire alerts when its time for the next person to talk.
Simply set the amount of time you would like each employee to talk for and the number of employees at the daily scrum, then start the timer.

Extra Features Include:

iOS 8.1

– Set the device to vibrate and play a sound when a round completes
– Set the wait time before the next employee starts to talk
– Skip a speaker in the event they do not require their full talk time.
– Total meeting time monitor to check for time overruns

– Bug fix for timer, timer working but the screen count not updating


– Various performance tweaks

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