Airport Madness 3D | Best Apps and Games 16 July,2018

Airport Madness 3D

Airport Madness 3D is a fun, addictive air traffic control game. Control passenger jets and military aircraft into and out of busy airports.

In Airport Madness 3D you are an air traffic controller, managing airplanes as they travel to and from major international airports. Move airplanes as quickly as possible while keeping the skies and runways safe from midair collisions. You are the last line of defense against disaster! Do you have what it takes to handle the world’s most stressful job?

-Full 3-dimensional game environment
-Real-world terrain


Mac Pro

-Both surface and air radar
-Four beautiful airports
-Real human pilot voices
-3 different view modes, including "pilot cam"

For seven years, we’ve been telling game players that Airport Madness is a game, not a simulation. While Airport Madness 3D offers a decent level of realism, we are mainly trying to make this game fun. We are using real earth data for mountains and surrounding landscape, as seen in the images, but our airports were built by us from scratch.

Flight characteristics are realistic. Aircraft actually raise their nose during the takeoff rotation and landing flare, just like they do in real life.

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