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Airport Simulator

You can play Airport Simulator on these devices:
– iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5s, 5c
– iPad 2, 3, 4, mini, air
– iPod Touch 5

Before you play, your device should be restarted to ensure proper operation.

Experience the excitement and challenges of the working life as an aircraft handler, right on your iOS device.

Step into the shoes of a taxiway worker at an international airport, and take control of seven detailed vehicles.

Tend to catering and the transport of baggage and freight, ensure that the jet bridge is put in position on time and the plane has been refuelled. If the areoplane’s wings are iced over, you’ll have to demonstrate your skills with the deicing vehicle. Only once you have completed all of these tasks can the pushback truck taxi the plane to its starting position on the runway.

Remember: Thousands of passengers are relying on your skills – every second counts!


– An exciting professional and technical simulation
– A plethora of missions and tasks
– Seven controllable vehicles and machines, and three aircraft types
– Operate the jet bridge, pushback truck, catering vehicle, cargo loader, palette transporter, refueller and deicer
– 30 unlockable achievements and vehicle tuning

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iOS 8.1

– Realistic controls, optimised for mobile devices
– High-quality 3D graphics incl. continuous zoom
– Realistic sound effect incl. radio communications

+ Now supports iPod touch 5
+ New languages available: Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Traditional & Simplified Chinese
+ Improved the vehicle controls
+ Fixed a problem with the Pushback Truck

iPhone 6s

+ Added the Game Center feature
+ Minor bug fixes

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