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All Password in One – Password Safe

Can’t You Remember All the Passwords ? This App Helps you to Save all the Password and URL of the site.

You can Save Multiple Passwords in the App

– All Entries are ordered alphabetically for reterival
– Now all you passwords are synchronised between all your devices via iCloud

——- Features ——-

– Easy to Use
– App is Secured Master One Master Password
– Can Open Website from the App itself

App Help

iPad Air 3

1. Open the App
2. Welcome Screen and then input screen opens. Left side Settings icon and right side "+" – ADD – icon. No data.
3. I clicked on Settings.
Default selection for Passcode Lock – OFF. I turned it on. Directed to Enter Passcode Screen. Entered Passcode. Asked to confirm, which I did. Redirected to Settings Menu.
4. Exited Settings screen by clicking Left arrow.
5. Redirected to input screen.


6. Clicked on "+" icon.

jean pascal

7. Entered details – changed the icon, entered details – Title, ID/UserName, Password, etc. AND CLICKED ON SAVE. Data appears on input screen.

iPhone 7 Plus

8. Exited App by clicking Home button.
9. Restarted App by clicking on icon.
10. Directed to Enter Passcode screen. Entered passcode.
11. Directed to input screen.

– Improved UI
– Changed Passcode lock UI

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