Allocator – Manage Your Investments | Best Apps and Games 18 April,2019

Allocator – Manage Your Investments

Allocator puts you in the drivers seat of your investment portfolio. Never have any doubt that your hard earned investments are getting you closer to the retirement you want. Allocator demystifies the endless numbers that keep us guessing about our financial path. Take control with Allocator.

With Allocator you can;

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– track portfolio performance
– review and adjust your allocations

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– add transactions including stock splits, dividends, return of capital and more
– generate reports

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– manage multiple currencies

Quickly see how your current allocation aligns with your goals. Know precisely what to sell and buy to rebalance your portfolio. Looking to invest more? Know exactly what sectors you should be buying.

Generate easy to use reports for income, transactions and performance. Track your portfolio using both Time Weighted and Money Weighted Return Rates.

No two investors are alike. With Allocator you choose your sectors. Do you want to track US Equities as a whole or do you want it broken down to include small cap and large cap? With Allocator it is your choice. Are you a Canadian that has investments in US Dollars? No problem – Allocator will convert over 35 foreign currencies back to your base currency so you can get a true snap shot of your portfolio allocation breakdown.

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