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Ever wondered what was your all time most popular Facebook photo?
Your most commented status?
How many statuses you have mentioning work?
Or want to see your most recent check-ins spread out on a map?

AllTime provides all this information and more in an app packed with an ever growing amount of statistics you can pick and choose from to show you cool and interesting stats and facts about your Facebook Activity.

Current available stats include:
– Top 3 liked photos
– Top 3 liked statuses
– Top 3 commented photos
– Top 3 commented statuses
– Total friend count

fred hoiberg

– Top liked photo
– Friends using this app

iPhone 7

– Statuses mentioning work


– Most recent check-ins
+ Many more being added constantly

– Support for iOS 8 and your shiny new devices!


– Design and layout improvements.
– New stat, ‘Most recent check-ins’ so you can visualise your Facebook check-ins on a map.
– Tap the images in your results to view them at a larger size.
– Updates to handle Facebook’s API and permission changes.
– Bug fixes.

Got a suggestion for a new stat? Let us know in the app.

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