Almighty Tic Tac Toe | Best Apps and Games 18 February,2019

Almighty Tic Tac Toe

The original Almighty Tic Tac Toe (with stunning 3D game mode)
Be smart and place your circles or crosses in a two- or three-dimensional game field to win against
the computer or a second player.

The unique design and the awesome sound effects makes Almighty Tic Tac Toe to one of the best apps for your smartphone.
The goal is to place your circles or crosses horizontally, vertically or diagonal in a line of three to win the game.

Two-dimensional gameplay:
Place your crosses or circles vertically, horizontally or diagonal in the game field in a row of three to win the game. The game ends in a draw if nobody was able to create a line.

Three-dimensional gameplay:
Place your crosses or circles vertically, horizontally, diagonal or from top to bottom in a line of three. The game is over if no empty element in the game field is left. Winner of the game is the player with the most three series.



– Play against an artificial intelligence
– Play against a second player on your device

iPad Pro


– Classic two-dimensional 3×3 game field
– Three-dimensional 3x3x3 game field

cancun shooting

– Stunning, fully animated design
– Awesome sound effects

Forget about paper and pencil – here comes Almighty Tic Tac Toe

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About this update:
Adds mindblowing 3D gameplay
Adds Chinese and Polish translation

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