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Amino – Conversation, as you want.

Connecting you with cool people who share your excitement, passion, hobbies and interests at your fingertips with a swipe of your thumb. Just like IRL, customize your profile to fit the group you are in without having to log in and out.

Why Use The Amino App:



* KEEP YOUR PRIVACY: With friends, be yourself, but Amino App lets you create three profiles — or palettes — including public and private personas. Use one palette for your friends, one for school and one for work. Switching between palettes is as easy as swiping your screen.

* CREATE OR JOIN DISCUSSION COMMUNITIES: Your can create or join communities to share your views, interests & passions and use different profiles for each group.

* PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMMUNITIES: You are in control on who you let in, make it just for your friends or let everybody in.

* NO ANNOYING NOTIFICATIONS: You can customize what notifications you choose to receive in your settings.

* PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS: You can send 1-to-1 messages whenever you want to keep it private between you and your bestie.

* MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS WITH ONE LOG-IN: Create up to three profiles, which we call palettes. And let people know as much or as little about yourself when you join or create a community. Each palette is managed completely separately.

* DON’T BE TIED TO 140 CHARACTERS: Write a post, link to a video, use images that are worth a 1,000 words.

Amino app lets you create discussion communities with like-minded people throughout the United States and Canada. Invite only friends to join or let it grow with people you can discuss daily news, politics, arts, music — absolutely anything you have an interest in.

We always want to hear from you. Send us your feedback, suggestions and questions. Help us make Amino App even better!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @amino_en

* Greatly improvement of notification settings


– Add the notification settings of Community Unit
– Add 11 kinds of ringtone
– Set different ringtone for each pallet

* Add Category Search tab
– Soon as possible access to popular community per category

* Improvement of various operability
– Change the display conditions of AminoTOP
– Strengthening of community search
– UI improvement about sending the URL links
– UI improvement about creating community

* Official badge



– Display of official palette and official communities

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