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Amino Daily – Community News for your Interests

Amino Daily allows you to subscribe to the Amino communities you love the most and see the top content in one feed.

The #1 community news app for people with interests, like Pokemon, Taylor Swift, Anime, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Skateboarding and much more!


– Subscribe to multiple Amino community apps and see everything in one feed.

iPhone 6s Plus

– Bookmark your favorite posts to view later.
– See top news that’s happening around the world.

iPhone 6

Steve Jobs

– Easily discover and explore new interests.

Current topics that you can subscribe to include, The Walking Dead, Crafts, Indie Gamers, Comics, Wrestling, K-Pop, Sherlock and many more. If you’re a fan of Movies, Video Games, TV, Music, Art, Fashion, or Hobbies, this is the place to get all the latest news and updates.

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