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Anamaya Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Development

Anamaya is a powerful mind training tool. With 14 Modules from experts on Motivation, Purpose, Self-Acceptance, Anxiety, Relationships and more, the app offers expert guidance on self-development; a step-by-step meditation guide shows you how to become master of your mind.

Module topics were chosen by expert psychologists, life-coaches and others to address the most common issues arising today: in six audio and text sessions they provides expert guidance and assistance normally available only in personal sessions.

The meditation course takes you step by step to highly advanced meditation techniques, tailored for specific topics – worry, stress, anger, sport, even pregnancy. It offers over 300 guided meditations, each with a mindfulness or visualisation exercise.

Become master of your mind – control anxiety, recover from loss, understand relationships, learn mastery of emotions in general life, in personal relationships, in the workplace.

And move on – learn the secrets of motivation, positivity, purpose, authenticity.

The modules and the meditation course are seamlessly integrated – use both for maximum benefit, or separately as you wish.

The app offers a unique meditation timer with changeable ambience so that you can meditate on your own.

Each module is produced and narrated by a leading expert in the field; each meditation track is led by Anamaya Clinic co-founder Graham Doke. He has studied meditation techniques for over 15 years.

Find a better way of being…

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