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Anonymous secret chat – Stealthy

Create free anonymous group chats with Anonymous Secret Chat App Stealthy! It’s as simple as using WhatsApp or sending simple sms, but all your messages are sent anonymously and 100% confidential.

Grand new Anonymous secret group chat app Stealthy allows you to:

– Create anonymous group chats with your friends and share your secrets
– Send free anonymous messages through the app, so you don’t need neither anonymous proxy, nor anonymous website, nor even a way to send anonymous email

iPhone 6s Plus

iOS 8.1

– Reply to anonymous sms in any of the secret chats
– Stay 100% confidential with our unique encryption mechanisms, which destroy your trace after sending your messages

No, it’s not another or You can ask different questions anonymously there, but Stealthy works just like messenger, only anonymously. This also isn’t another Secret. Stealthy is a chat, not a bulletin board.

That means you can send free messages online anonymously and us it in the following ways:
1. Send free love sms and romantic messages to the ones you know if you are a bit shy to reveal your feelings in person/
2. Get acquainted with different people from all over the world and share interests with them in group chats
3. Send funny messages or jokes just to trick your friends
4. Tell your friends the secret you were hiding for a long time

This chat is as fun as snapchat, but its absolutely different. It’s an old school group chat similar to irc network, fully anonymous!

In addition to sending and replying to sms in Anonymous secret chats, you can also:
a) Create free anonymous group chats with your classmates, colleagues or friends
b) Chatting with the developer of "Anonymous secret chat – Stealthy", Latvian Forbes list member

No personal data is stored anywhere except your mobile device. Every message is encrypted. We dont pass any kind of data to any third parties. Privacy policy is available here:
For more details please visit with your desktop browser.

The biggest update of Anonymous Secret Chat ever!

With this update you can:
1) choose one of up to 100 adorable animal avatars on your own

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2) exit/block any chat by swiping left on it and choosing Block
3) join any of the TOP Featured anonymous group chats in special "Featured" menu
4) create your own group chat, promote it and get Featured too!
5) reset your password on the main screen if you forgot it
6) find an anonymity warranty on the main screen
7) logout, reset all blocked chats, update your profile in real time – in Settings menu

iPhone 6

8) view any users profile and block him or her if you want
9) start an anonymous chat either with your friend or with a stranger of opposite sex by pressing pencil button on top of My Chats view
10) invite your friends to any of the group chats by pressing Profiles -> Invite more friends to this chat
11) practice Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian languages in International group chats with our 6 different localizations support!

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