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AntiVirus BitSweeper – Malware and Virus Scanner


Mac Pro

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Even so the new macOS systems are built better and much much stable than the predecessors, the growing of the Apple computers all around the world is attracting more and more cyber criminals to target their users.
Most of the cyber attacks are aiming the installation of malware in order to either steal private information or even do financial damage. Why to be a victim when you can protect yourself with a nice, clean and very easy to use app such as AntiVirus BitShield.

AntiVirus BitShield allows you to scan for and removes viruses, trojans, backdoor programs, and other malware such as adware with a single click. You can update its virus definitions database from within the app fast and easy.

▪ System scan to identify and remove any malware like viruses, trojans, backdoors, ransomware, key loggers or any other threats.



▪ Adware scan to identify any adware which is performing a slow browser experience, or annoying popups/ads.
▪ Live system health monitor

AntiVirus BitShield was built with the easy to use interface in mind. Even a not skilled person can perform a system scan and clean if necessary.

The malware and adware signatures are added on daily basis. It is recommended before any system scan to perform an update in order to retrieve the latest definitions.

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I am open to any solutions or improvements of the AntiVirus BitShield.
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– improved malware detection system
– added custom scan to scan custom locations like external drives
– improved adware detection system
– new clean interface

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