App for Facebook – Menu Bar or Window Experience – It's About Time | Best Apps and Games 18 November,2018

App for Facebook – Menu Bar or Window Experience – It's About Time

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We are huge Facebook fans and built this for you and ourselves!

Features of App for Facebook:
• Menu bar feed – View all the photos & videos of everyone you’re following*
• Completely separate messaging app accessible while in any other app
• Responsive design based on app size
  • Mega-wide photo viewing

amy schumer

• Window mode – When you want view your Facebook feed outside of the menu bar, simply open the menu bar app and click the window mode button on the bottom right.
• Create a keyboard shortcut to open App for Facebook
• Customize border color
• Float the menu bar panel on top of all windows

Mac Pro

• Control opacity of experience and only fully show the app when your mouse is in the panel.

* The app launches in the menu bar with an Facebook icon. If you have too many apps in your menu bar or your menu bar is filled with text, click on the Finder icon in the Dock (smiley face on the bottom left) and App for Facebook should appear on the right side of the menu bar. From there, we recommend going to the preferences of the app and creating a keyboard shortcut to open the app anytime without needing to see the icon.

• New streamlined newsfeed UI


Mountain Lion

• Mega-wide photo viewing

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