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AppPack DBC – (Digital Business Card) by ubersimple

As a business person you NEVER go anywhere without your business card & your smartphone.
AppPack – Digital Business Card puts your business card on your smartphone.

AppPack – Digital Business Card ("DBC") for business people who want to share their information to people in digital format as well as tangible.

The business card is the staple of business networking and is not going anywhere, but AppPack functions as a complimentary DBC and offers really simple and practical advantages:

* The amount of information you can store on a Digital Business Card
AppPack supports linking to many social networks such as LinkedIn, G+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more, and lets you share videos, presentations, PDF’s, audio files, websites, articles, surveys, forms, files, appointment schedulers, mobile apps, web apps, client testimonials, coupons, discount offers and so much more we can’t list them all! (But certainly call us to ask for anything you think you need!)

* Your DBC can be saved directly to their phone or desktop and AppPack keeps your DBC auto updating.
Have your face/company logo on their screen as a reminder of how valuable you are
even after you have shared it with your new connections and prospects.

How to Setup your AppPack Digital Business Card

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First you register/login and create a DBC which becomes your default digital business card.

Once you have created a Digital Business Card you want to link valuable information to that DBC. In each DBC you can link anything you want that boosts your credibility or makes you more useful to your connections and prospects. Your links will be split into four (4) categories Apps, People, Pack, & Video



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Here you can mention any app that your company uses or app that you think is useful for your prospects/clients to use. Ex: A Painter might link to an app that allows the user to choose the exact colors they want for their project.

The days of carrying around a huge rolodex are over but giving people a referral is still greatly appreciated and reciprocated in most industries. Therefore, we added this awesome feature that allows you to link to people who also have an AppPack DBC and create your own preferred Network. Ex: A Mortgage Broker might link to a Real Estate Agent to make it easy for the client/prospect to reach either party easily.



Is the place that your links, which do not fall in the category of apps, or people, will go. Your pack can be links to anything you want. Ex: A Car Salesman the packs in your DBC could be video walk arounds of your showroom, Buying Vs. leasing options PDF, & Testimonies from satisfied clients.

Each Digital Business Card has three (3) dedicated spots for a video – A company Video, A Personal Introduction Video, and A Video about your product/service or subject matter. Ex: A Lawyer named John Smith who works for ACMELaw LLC would have a personal intro video about him explaining what he does and what circumstances you should reach him, another video ACMELaw LLC and their history, and a third video about their service that would educate and inform about how their service works, and what they cover.

If you have questions about App Pack by Ubersimple, contact us from the DBC code: HELP, or: [email protected], or 1-267-777-8237

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