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ArcSite – Graphic Notebook for Site Investigation


ArcSite is a vector-based drawing application that has the power and versatility to replace your blueprints, sketchpad and camera bringing engineered site investigations into the modern, digital era.

Our patent-pending drawing technology automatically predicts and converts freehand input into precise, measured geometry in real-time. Our focus is to keep sketching simple and accessible to anyone.

Organize all of your photos, sketches and notes into one easy-to-share digital file that can be used throughout your design process.


Import your construction blueprints as .PDFs in ArcSite. Copy, measure, scale, rotate and move anything you draw simply by tapping the geometry you wish to modify.

Turn your idea into a precise plan with ArcSite.


iPad Pro

* Advanced, precision drawing pen for creating measured geometry
* Create any combination of arcs, lines, angles and circles as a single, continuous action
* Import and edit .PDFs from Dropbox or through email attachments

iPad Air 4

* Locate and place photos within your drawing space

michael kovrig

* Scale .PDFs and images to true dimensions

iOS 9

* Sketch on a blank canvas, grid paper, .PDF or bitmap image
* Measure and dimension anything you create using your iPad
* Metric and Imperial units of measurement available
* User-definable grid spacing
* Unlimited canvas size
* Incredible zoom level for fine details
* Scale, rotate, move, copy, group or delete any element
* Freehand drawing tool for quick notes and fast sketching
* Group and edit multiple objects simultaneously
* Add text with the freehand tool, virtual keyboard or microphone
* Full line color, line type and line weight options
* Gesture shortcuts allow drawing and editing using a single tool
* Export and share your work to .PDF, .PNG and .DXF file formats

Bug fixes.

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