Army Aviation Flight Log | Best Apps and Games 15 July,2018

Army Aviation Flight Log

Army Aviation Flight Log gives you the ability to personally track your flights throughout your career. Never get caught with with unrecorded flight time.

Each Flight records:
* Date
* Departure Airport

Steve Jobs

* Arrival Airport
* Aircraft Serial No.
* Remarks (i.e., crew names, maneuvers performed, etc.)
* Hours Flown
* Approaches Performed

iPhone 7s

* No. of Landings
* Type of Aircraft
* Position (PI, PC, IP, etc.)
* Flight Condition (D, N, NG, etc.)

– Alerts you when you are in the window for an APART or a medical physical.
– Track your currency
* Total Time
* NVG Time
* PC Time

iPhone 6 Plus

* PC Weather Time
* 60 Day Currencies
> Total Time
> NVG Time

tigers vs astros

* 6 Month Currencies
> Total Time
> NVG Time
> Simulator Time
> Hood Time
> Unaided Time

Make it easy on yourself to know what you are lacking on prior to the last minute before a checkride.

– Added new aircraft "Mi-17"
– Fixed bug in semi-annual calculation

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