Atelier: Draw, Sketch, Paint | Best Apps and Games 16 June,2018

Atelier: Draw, Sketch, Paint

Atelier: Modern Drawing App.

We want to help you create something beautiful. Atelier is a powerful and easy-to-use app for drawing and painting. It strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality.

– Full support for Retina display.
– Smooth autosave.
– Clear and easy to understand canvas management.

latrell mitchell

– Sharing options (Photos Library, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook …)

– 5 highly refined brushes.
– Air, Marker, Water, Blender, Eraser.
– No complicated settings, just tap and use it.

– Standard, 2 finger navigation. (Pinch to zoom.)

iPhone 7

– 2-finger-tap for hiding / showing UI.
– Opacity / Width slider with real time preview.
– Change drawing color with Hue / Saturation / Brightness color picker.

iPad Air 3

– Tap and hold for using eyedropper.

– Comfortable layer management.


– Up to 5 layers.
– Normal, Multiply, Overlay blend modes.
– Quick and easy merging / reordering.

Check out in–app Gallery for incredible artworks created with Atelier.

– Fixes occasional brush stroke no–showing bug on old iPads.
– Fixes 180 degree rotation and canvas orientaion bug.

Thanks for using Atelier! If you enjoy using it, please take a moment to give it a nice review.

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