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Audiook will convert any image to audio, so you can convert eBooks, printed books, or any text in images into audio books.

How does Audiook work?

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Audiook can convert images to text using OCR technology, and then Audiook will convert the text into audio books.

How can I listen to eBooks from kindle, iBook, adobe books or other text eBooks?
First of all, you have to take the screenshots of the pages in eBooks, and then import the images to Audiook, and Audiobook will convert them into audio books.

How can I listen to printed books or documents?


You can take photos of the books, and then import the images to Audiook.

Is there any easy way to take the images of eBooks?

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We are developing the tools in PC and Mac, and the tool will capture all the pages of one books at one time. The tool will be available in 2 months.

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