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Author is an iOS native word processor with an uncluttered workspace and powerful interactions:

• Advanced Table of Contents/Outline
• Pinch vertically to snap to table of contents


• Tap heading to jump it to the top of the screen

• Powerful Citations Support
• Quick Citations Creation
• Quick Citations View

• Fast Interaction
• Instant Search & References
• Cuttings remembers everything you have Cut
• Built-In Web-Browser

• Comfortable Environment

stacey dooley

iPhone 7s

• Pinch horizontally to scale text
• Dedicated Read & Edit modes

• Export:
• Academic Export (In-App-Purchase)
• Export as RTF & PDF (In-App-Purchase)
• iCloud Drive Sync/Backup

Please keep in mind that this is early days so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any comments, bugs or feature suggestion, just email me: [email protected] For more information and a longer walk-through video demonstration, please visit

Smaller fixes.

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