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Auto Battle (New RPG 2015)

Auto Battle – Epic RPG is the best free RPG for mobile devices. Choose one of three classes – Warrior, Hunter and Mage – to automatically battle against enemies! Join Team Battle for handsome rewards! Form or join a guild to become the best Auto Battle player in the world.

Auto Battle is a 24/7 Non-Stop war game unlike other dungeon crawlers and hack and slash RPGs, offering a never-ending farming adventure that lets you garner Experience, Coin and Equipment automatically. Be brave at the frontier, unleash your wild blood and fulfill your final fantasy.

Game Features:

24/7 Battle
Even when you logout, your character will keep fighting the monsters and earn experience and gear for you. A marvelous function that makes your dream come true!

Skill Combo & Classic Class

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You may choose among traditional classes, either male or female, from strong and fearsome fighter, nimble and accurate hunter, or gorgeous mage who uses magnificent spells to blast the enemies, and combine your own skill set. Use your wisdom to crush your enemies.

Unique Smelting
You can smelt your common gear for better items, even powerful artifacts! What are you waiting for? Your artifacts await!

Hot Arena
You may show off your strength by defeating other players in the Arena. Defeat higher-ranked players to switch place with them and earn periodically distributed gems. Fight your way onto top 20 for the immortal leaderboard!

Group Combat
On certain battle rating, you can participate in team battle held twice a day. Defend your championship as long as you can for better rewards.

1, Added two New Class Paths to choose when reaching Lv. 80

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2, Class Medal Added for New Class and can be used to unlock powerful skills
3, Added a new bonus system – Daily Engagement Rewards, etc.
4, New Secret Shop Added and It will refresh at 00:00, 12:00, 18:00, 21:00.
5, Added rare items that can be exchanged using Gems, Smelt points and Rep.
6, Gem Decomposition

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7, Small tweaks to Battle Mechanism
8, Fixed a few bugs.

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