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Auto Redialer

An automatic redial tool which makes your life much easier.

Are you tired of calling a hotline, but it’s always busy, so that you have to dial, dial, and dial manually?

Are you tired of calling your naughty kid or childish partner who always pretends to be busy and ignores your call?

If this is the case, then the app is exactly what you need.

Auto Redialer helps you fix the above issues. It keeps calling certain phone number until it’s answered.

What you need do is just to specify the phone number.

Easy, right? Have a try!

Below are some comments from customers:

"I had to get in touch with a government agency that was ALWAYS busy. Used this app and finally got through with minimal work. Even when the phone call failed it would immediately dial again for me. Anyone needing to redial a number constantly would find this app helpful!"
—by S5A2T

"Super, jetzt funktionieren alle Nummern aus dem Telefonbuch. Sehr schnelle Reaktion der App Betreiber."

happy easter

—by Airtime_91

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1. fix a minor issue to avoid multiple calls.

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