Autotweet | Best Apps and Games 15 March,2019


Here’s an easy and straight forward way to automate tweeting any predefined list of tweets to your Twitter account, just as if you were sitting at your keyboard and doing it yourself. Only, Autotweet does it for you! No monthly subscription fees. No authorization software that can be cancelled. No third-party service between you and your Twitter account. Just one low purchase price and your Autotweet tweeting buddy is yours to use whenever you want, as long as you want, for as many tweets as you want.

Autotweet doesn’t impose any tweet restrictions or rules. It will simply tweet out your list every 24 hours at roughly equal intervals between each tweet, during whatever time interval you specify. You can change your tweets at any time, and stop and restart your tweeting any time. This is the simpliest and ultimately most useful automatic tweeting solution you’ll ever use.

If you have been cast adrift by the latest #tweetadder fiasco then you know how important it is to directly control your own tweets. Don’t fall for another "let us do the tweeting for you" solution that may once again leave you up the creek without a paddle. Get Autotweet and take control your own tweeting future.

After all, they are your tweets! Now you can have direct control over them without the hassle – Easily and Automatically!

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