Awkward Silence – Videos & Strategies to Improve Your Social Life | Best Apps and Games 21 February,2019

Awkward Silence – Videos & Strategies to Improve Your Social Life

It can happen to anyone at any time, and if you’re not prepared, it can ruin your social life. Awkward silence. But now you can learn the secrets & strategies for avoiding (or recovering from) any moment of awkward silence. You’ll be amazed as you learn these strategies and watch these videos packed full of valuable (and often very funny) advice, instruction, and tips! You’ll even learn how to turn an awkward moment into an opportunity, and how to turn a joke that bombed into explosive laughter, with this simple yet indispensable app.

In addition, you’ll get crickets! Simply open the app, and you’ll see a star-lit night sky, and hear the universally-known laughter-invoking sound of awkward silence: crickets chirping in the night.

– Out on a date, or at a party, but the conversation has stalled?

– Want to meet someone, but need a great ice breaker?

– Want a funny way to tell someone that the joke they just told was a total sleeper?

– Want to make your friends laugh?

– You just told a joke, but nobody’s laughing?

– In a meeting where things have gotten a bit "tense" and uncomfortably quiet?

…then you need Awkward Silence! Download it now, and get the party re-started!

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