Azure Authenticator | Best Apps and Games 19 November,2018

Azure Authenticator

Azure Authenticator is a two-step verification app for your personal Microsoft account, your work or school account and accounts from other providers such as Google, Slack, Facebook and many others.

Two-step verification provides an additional layer of security for your account. Depending on your account type, you will either receive a push notification, which you approve, or you will use the verification code generated by this app to verify your identity.

The easiest way to add an account is to scan a QR code presented by your account provider’s two-step verification setup page. For use with your work or school account, contact your IT admin.

In addition, when used with your work or school account, this allows you to register your device with your organization. Your IT admin may require you to do this in order to access organization resources such as emails, files and line-of-business applications.

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