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bakbak – temporary chatrooms.

Ever been in a Twitter discussion with more than 2 people? You know which goes like this:

Twitter user 1: @mention @mention @mention this is my intelligent point.

Twitter user 2: @mention @mention @mention this is counter argument to that but I’m running out to characters…

Twitter user 2: @mention @mention @mention I’ll continue in the next tweet.

And then a Twitter user 4 wants to join and you’re like NOOOOOOOOOOO.

This is where bakbak comes in.

It allows you to create temporary chatrooms that you can use to discuss anything you like with your Twitter friends.

Each chatroom lasts for 24 hours only, so the discussion stays LIVE and relevant.

And auto-expiry ensures that you’re not creating or joining a "group" or "channel" that remains forever…only to become dormant…or spammy.

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Bug fixes. Less crashes.

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