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Balefire – Anonymous Friends and Family Locator

Track the location of friends and family without giving up any personal information! Get all the features of device tracking without giving away your privacy.

NO Registration | NO Personal Data | NO Subscriptions

Balefire is a location sharing application that is different because we focus on security and privacy. With Balefire you can share your real-time and historical location anywhere in the world with friends and family. However, unlike other such applications, Balefire does NOT collect any personal information. Your location is your business and that of those whom you wish to share it. There is nothing within this service that can ever associate any location with any specific person. You are free to securely share your location without the burden of account registration, annoying emails, text messages, or other forms of unwanted communication. Balefire is fully featured without any of the privacy invasive data collection others require.

Loads of great FREE features such as:

– Locate and be located by an UNLIMITED number of people (who you allow).
– No registration and no collection of personal data.
– Multi-level security including strong encryption, personal security code, and two-way trust.
– Real-time updates on the movements of those sharing location.
– See how many people are watching you in real-time.
– Check-in your location via text or email.
– Simple and quick ways to stop anyone from locating you.
– Broadcast your location even when the app is in the background.
– Stop location sharing at any time at the touch of a button.
– Fine control over battery usage and location accuracy.
– Call or text those being tracked right from the app.
– View up to 72-hours of history for those who allow it.
– Supports localized date formats as well as the imperial and metric systems.

Premium Upgrade (one-time cost no subscriptions):

– Set boundaries with a touch and receive notifications when tracked people enter and/or leave.
– Configure boundaries from .25mi/.4km to 50mi/80km in radius.
– Store and share your own location history for up to 72-hours.


– Delete your own history on demand at the touch of a button.
– Turn-off location history at the touch of a button.

iOS 9

– See how fast a tracked person is traveling (great for keeping tabs on that new driver!)

Great uses:

– Parents keeping an eye on their kids.
– Feeling closer to a loved one who is traveling.


– Keeping a helping eye on an elderly friend or relative.
– Finding your friends on that weekend excursion.
– Locating friends and family while at an amusement park, concert, or other large venue.
– Keeping tabs on field personnel at work.
– Cataloging your recent travels or that of others (requires upgrade).

Intelligently balances battery life by altering movement update frequency based on whether the person you are following is walking or in high-speed transportation like a car. Updates not based on time but rather movement distance from as little as 300ft/100m if walking to .25mi/400m if driving.

Security and privacy are our priority and Balefire goes to great lengths to secure both. The app includes a full help section that details the security provided as well as our privacy statement and commitment. Help section also includes a detailed FAQ and Getting Started videos.

You’ll have a blast keeping track of friends and family especially knowing you given up zero personal details!

* Please note that turning on tracking services for your device will make use of GPS and other hardware. By nature this hardware, while exceedingly cool, will use more battery (just like navigation apps). Tools are offered in the app to help balance battery usage, but please understand that greater battery consumption comes with GPS usage. Locating others, however, does NOT use your GPS. Balefire makes it very easy to turn-on/off your tracking (and therefore your GPS) on the main map screen.

Any questions or support needs please email: [email protected]

Many efficiency and general improvements:

– Fixed inconsistencies within the history view
– Improved initial location detection when broadcast first turned on

sondra locke

– Added a "try again" button in case of network timeout
– Big improvements with network handling especially under poor conditions
– Contacts now sorted in alphabetical order in Track Book and Selection screens
– Fixed an issue where the boundary circle may remain on the map when switching to another contact
– Track Book now prevents entering duplicate names
– Call or Text dialog now points to location pin for iPad users
– Fixed an iPad issue where contact images were being cropped

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