Bangla Eid Card – Create Custom Eid Cards | Best Apps and Games 17 January,2019

Bangla Eid Card – Create Custom Eid Cards

Create Custom Bengali Eid Card with Bangla Keyboard. This is 1st Time ever in appStore to create custom bangla card with Bengali Keyboard.

elina svitolina

– More than 35 cards to choose.
– Custom Bangla keyboard to add your greeting message in Bengali.


– Easy to create Conjunction (Jukkakhor) with the keyboard, never been so easy to create conjunction key.
– On Keyboard Just Tap on + after you type initial character, it’ll give you list of all conjunction characters.
– Add Text/write your message. Add as many you want. Change font, color and font size. You can move. You can edit your message anytime.
– Add clip art . Move, scale , gesture option to resize and move, Add as many clip art you want.


– Easy to add/delete clipart.
– Add clipart or photo from your photo gallery, move,scale
– Email your custom greeting card.


– Post to to Facebook, Twitter.
– Save your custom greeting card to photo gallery.

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