Battery Doc – Professional Battery Care and Information | Best Apps and Games 21 February,2019

Battery Doc – Professional Battery Care and Information

Battery Doc helps you maintaining the Battery of your iOS device by delivering precisely calculated information.

Optimizing battery life just by disabling services that are currently not needed is a simple task with this app.

iPhone 6 Plus

It not only tells you the necessary measures, but also lets you know how much uptime you are gaining with each step you take.

Keep your battery in it’s optimal state, optimize power usage and get tons of information about your battery!

iPhone 6

For additional information and better understanding the new Battery Doc grants in-depth system information.

Probably the most precise battery app that is available in the app store. No vaguely guessed numbers, but precisely calculated numbers!

Forget everything else, this is the app that provides you with necessary information in a detailed manner.

• Professional Health Care for your Battery
• Intelligent Load and Discharge Algorithm

sammy davis, jr

• Adaptive Status Display
• Charging statistics
• Additional system information

More feature for Apple Watch added

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