Battle Dome : Survival Mc Mini Game | Best Apps and Games 15 September,2018

Battle Dome : Survival Mc Mini Game

Battle Dome : Survival Mc Mini Game

Two teams are against each other in an epic fight to the death! After a 15 minute build phase and all out war begins and whichever team is left alive wins it all!


iPhone 6s

1.can’t kill or obtain the obsidian for 15 minutes

iPad Pro

2.During combat phase no commands when near enemies
3.You can use commands such as tp home but only when u r not near enemies
4.have to place you obsidian in your base

You can win one of two ways

iPad Air 4

1.kill all the enemies
2.destroy their obsidian piece

► Features :

•Huge map
•Different starting weaponry
•Several type of monsters
•Day and night cycles

frying pan tower

•Amazing graphics
•Amazing music theme

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