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Battleship War 3D – Sea Fight

Two NAVAL FLEETS meet in the deadly fight
Use STRATEGY and TACTICS, work out schemes and manoeuvres, different types of weapon
To SINK your ENEMY and win the battle!

The all-time favorite sea battle game, classic rules and unexpected features which will redefine your gaming experience. The battle will take you to the ancient seas and modern sea military bases where two naval fleets meet in the deadly fight. Use strategy and tactics, work out schemes and manoeuvres, use different types of weapon, to sink your enemy and win the battle!

► 3 Different epochs

ANCIENT – Take part in the epic battle of ancient greek fleet

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MEDIEVAL – Seas full of pirates and their armed galleons full of booty

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MODERN – modernly equipped, almost invulnerable ships and aircrafts

► 2 Modes of Playing

PLAYER vs PLAYER – play online with your friends
PLAYER vs AI – try to win the battle against AI and get bonuses for each ship

► Achievements & Bonuses

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Get bonuses for eliminating hostile warships. The more battles you win, the more you get.

– Advanced ACHIEVEMENT system;
SUPER WEAPONS — total annihilation!

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Military INTELLIGENCE — take a look at the enemy’s side!

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