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Want a quick answer to a structural loading problem? Want to determine the deflection, shear and moment of a wooden beam in a variety of loading conditions within seconds and check these values at any point along the beam? Want to make adjustments and see the effects instantly in a clear graphical presentation right at your fingertip? If so then BeamBuddy is the app you’ve been looking for.


iPad Air 3

NDS 2013 Design Values
• Intuitive design – easy to use from student to professional
• No typing of dimensions for speed and accuracy

iOS 8

• Generate and send graphical reports in seconds

stephen merchant

• Built in localization for future enhancements such as language, wood species and units
• Large database of S4S and engineered woods: glulam, LSL, LVL, PSL


• 33 loading conditions*
• Double-tap the screen at any time to get a detailed report showing all values used in calculation.
• Reports can be saved and emailed with csv attachment.
* All features restricted to two loading conditions with free version. Remaining conditions can be unlocked using In App Purchase (ensure In-App Purchases is set to ON in Settings/General/Restrictions and you have a good connection to the App Store)

**** What some users are saying about BeamBuddy ****

"This is a great app for wood not steel; 32 species are included plus GLBs.PSLs,LVLs. Try sliding the green vertical line on the moment diagram!! All values can be seen. Also tap the screen twice to see the full report."

"I have been using it quite a bit and like it a lot."

"So far I love it!"

"Quite impressed." SE

"Great app and very intuitive to use."

"Nice intuitive program and the price is right!"

"This app is a neat way to help you get a idea of what the beam is going to do and what size is necessary for the job."

"Very good App. I’ve found it to be useful and accurate. Well worth the price." PE

"I’m a PE and this should help in the field"

"As architect in residential work and engineering my own beams, I am very pleased with this app. The free version is a steal, and I was happy to buy the paid version. An elegant and intuitive interface, instantly learnable. Would love to see steel added — a limited selection of shapes, say under 16", would be fine for residential work. I’d also like to see the allowable stresses for the selected species."

"It’s a great app, use it all the time!"

"Congratulations on a beautifully done application!"

"I am very impressed with the combination of the intuitive design and what a powerful tool this is for a mobile device."

"This application would be perfect if also you could calculate concrete beams, hopefully there is an update with this function, is a very useful app" Architect

MG: Watch this space for steel and concrete.

• Cf is now always 1.0 for Southern Pine & Mixed Southern Pine <= 4" thick as adjustment already applied in NDS design values Table 4B.
• Touch and hold red plate at bearing points to reveal bearing requirement

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