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Begin With Adobe Flash Player CS6 Edition for Beginners

Lecture 01. Basic Text
Lecture 02. Colorizing Lips and Removing Acne and Blackheads


Lecture 03. Pen Tool
Lecture 04. Grow Your Muscle and Transform into a Super Hero!
Lecture 05. Face Swap (Face Transplant) using Feathering
Lecture 06. Selective Blurring using Masking
Lecture 07. Animal Face Transplant Using Non-Destructive Masking
Lecture 08. Gradient Tool
Lecture 09. How to Feather (Fade) From One Image to Another
Lecture 10. Soft Black Gradient Borders (Instagram Like Effect)
Lecture 11. How to Create a GIF Animation
Lecture 12. How to Create a GIF Animation
Lecture 13. Importing and Using Patterns
Lecture 14. Shiny Button
Lecture 15. Vertical and Horizontal Guides Lines (and Locked Layer)
Lecture 16. Creating and Applying Custom Patterns
Lecture 17. Hair Extraction (Green Screen Chroma Key)
Lecture 18. Quick Selection Tool (and Adding and Subtracting Selections)
Lecture 19. Baby Magazine Cover
Lecture 20. Polygon and Custom Shape Tool
Lecture 21. Brush Opacity vs Flow
Lecture 22. Loading Custom Brushes
Lecture 23. Understanding Layer Masks
Lecture 24. Energy Ball Sphere Arc


Lecture 25. How to Scatter a Brush
Lecture 26. Simple Light Rays Star Burst

iPhone 6

Lecture 27. Light Rays Star Burst Version 2 (Distort)
Lecture 28. 3D Text
Lecture 29. Reflections and Shadows
Lecture 30. Understanding New Fill Layer
Lecture 31. Vista Wallpaper Glowing Curved Lines


Lecture 32. Make a Planet

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